Miffy Toys – Classic Range For All Ages

Miffy Classic Toys

Miffy Classic Toys

Our Miffy Classic Toys range contains 3 different high quality toys, perfect for young children and the millions of Miffy fans all around the world. 

Miffy started out as a very cute rabbit drawing in books written by Dick Bruna. His unique drawings where soon transferred too soft toys, a cartoon and thousands of different keep sakes all over the world. 

The smallest Miffy toy we have is the ‘Miffy In A Bag’

Miffy In A Bag Toy

Miffy In A Bag Toy

Miffy In A Bag stands at 15cm and comes in three different colours and is a classic Miffy Bean Toy in a cotton dress which comes in a Miffy gift bag. 

The Standing Plush Miffy Toy  hasn’t arrived yet, but is due in anytime soon. Again the standing Miffy is a very high quality toy, stands at 30cm, and again comes in three colours, Yellow, Orange & Blue. 

Standing Plush Miffy Toy

Standing Plush Miffy Toy

 Come May 2010 we will have the best Miffy item we have ever had in our opinion. We think its going to be so popular, as a similar item has done very well for us in the past. 

It’s the Miffy Head Cushion

Miffy Head Cushion

Miffy Head Cushion

We can’t wait for these to arrive, as then we will have our full Miffy Toy collection. The Miffy Head Shaped Cushion is 42cm tall and the shape of Miffy’s head with Miffy prints on the reverse. 

The Miffy range is a very nice range of toys, and these three are only a small portion of the total Miffy range available world-wide. Thanks again for visiting our Blog, and if you would like to be kept up to date on any new toys etc you can subscribe to this Blog using your email in the right panel. 

Thanks again, and have a nice day. 


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