Snoopy Classic Soft Toys @ Little Acorns Toy Shop

Classic Snoopy Retro Toys

Classic Snoopy Retro Toys

Snoopy is a retro cartoon character who started out in the US and quickly become a hit in the UK and probably anywhere else he was shown. Obviously Snoopy was Charlie Browns pet dog from Peanuts written by Charles Schulz, who in many eyes eventually became the main character.   

Little Acorns has a nice range of Snoopy toys in stock, and there are so many available. But we have stuck with the classic range, as it’s the most popular and will more than likely out live me and you.   

We currently have 3 different toys in stock as shown below, and we will be adding to this range at some stage before the summer 2010.   

Medium Original Snoopy Plush:   

Medium Original Snoopy Plush

Medium Original Snoopy Plush

The Medium Snoopy stands at 21cm and is our largest snoopy soft toy. He is a very high quality toy, and the exact classic look of Snoopy. He comes with Original Snoopy tags, and is a very nice collectable toy or perfect for any fan or child starting out on Charlie Browns adventures with his beagle Snoopy.   

Snoopy In A Retro Gift Bag:   

Snoopy In A Retro Gift Bag

Snoopy In A Retro Gift Bag

This is our Snoopy beanie toy, and comes sitting in a cute paper bag, with Classic Snoopy all over the bag. Snoopy again comes with a tag, and is a very high quality gift or keep sake.  

Original Snoopy Key-ring 9cm  

Snoopy & Woodstock Keyrings

Snoopy & Woodstock Keyrings

Last but not least we have the ever-present Snoopy Key-ring, but this time he has his friend Woodstock, and Snoopy himself comes in 2 forms. The one Snoopy key ring has a lovely red hat, and the other Snoopy is wearing a new red jumper, depends what the weather is like I suppose, as to which one you choose.  

Thanks again for reading through this Snoopy post, and once we receive more Snoopy stock I will update this category straight away.  

Have a nice week  


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    Kemp Martin said,

    Absolutely adorable toys for kids.

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