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A dissapointing month of May for Little Acorns Gifts!

Frustrated month of May

Frustrated month of May

Hello everybody and I hope we didn’t disappoint anybody in May with our website not showing at first, and then our website not allowing payments to be processed.

The story begins at the beginning of May, where we upgraded our servers and then it happened!

Our website wasn’t showing…

The upgrade didn’t agree with our website for some reason, and so we had 3 weeks of frustration waiting for it to be sorted out.

Then it appeared last week, but one kind customer let us know that he couldn’t pay for his item. So that’s when we had a week and a half of the site showing, and no orders could be processed.

Anyway, we are now fully operational, and hopefully we can resume normal service and sell our wonderful stock all around the world.

Thanks again for reading this, and we hope to see you soon.

Kind Regards

Amanda Elliott

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