Nearly done for online shopping.

Hell everyone,

Happy Christmas From Little Acorns

Happy Christmas From Little Acorns

For most ecommerce owners, the next two days is pretty much all the business they will get this Christmas, as our’s peaked around the end of the first week of December and its been slowing down to an almost trickle now. Obviosuly most of that is due to dwindling stock, but the main reason is the big part Royal Mail play in all of this, as we rely on them to deliver the toys we sell.

The weather has caused loads of delays, and in honesty you can’t trust that the item will arrive in time, so most people dont take the risk after the second week really, especially abroad, which showed as our last order overseas was the first day of December.

We have been online for nearly 5 years, and its great that we can plan the amount of stock we need, and also plan when to expect the sales to drop, so we can then build for the next peak.

The only thing is now, I’ve got to start my shopping, and I expect there is hardly anything left, but thats just me being paranoid, and will be hitting the shops this weekend, to finish it all off.

I wanted to say thank you to all our shoppers and visitors in 2010, and good luck to you all in 2011, as it seems things arent going to improve much with the economy, wo we hope next year we can bring in some more lines, and try and keep our prices either level, or just below the main stores.

Thank you again, you have all been stars, and its great to also see people make use of the blog to post messages about our stock, hope some of you got some replies.

Lots of love



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