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Where’s Nev gone?

Yes where has Nev from Bear Behaving Badly on CBBC gone!
Nev Talking Soft Toy


He’s still on TV, he’s very much wanted by children and adults, and he’s out of stock everywhere.

Basically they stopped making him late last year, which was a bit silly me thinks especially as Christmas was looming, but thats not for me to comment on really, as I don’t know what has happened to be honest.

But we pray that he will be made again, as he is very popular, a good seller, and in honesty it has upset me to read so many emails asking for Nev, as so many children love him and wanted him for Christmas.

So we will keep him on the site until we find out exactly what is going on, and once we do we will let all our customers know via email, and on our brand new Blog.

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