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Timmy Time Toys at Little Acorns Gifts & Collectables

Good morning, this blog entry is to introduce our current Timmy Time toys range, and to let you know that we will be adding large and small Timmy Time soft toys to the range shortly.

Timmy Time is an off-shot of Shaun The Sheep and is shown on children’s TV channel CBeebies. The Timmy Time theme is being able to share, to play with and make new friends and to be honest and kind. The show does work and has a huge fan base, and this tells in the popularity of the toys themselves.

Our Timmy Time category has 2 very high quality learning items at the moment, these are Timmy Time Wooden Learning Frame as below:

Timmy Time Wooden Learning Frame

Timmy Time Wooden Learning Frame

Children are able to learn new words and letters as they play, and the frame is so well made it would easily last the test of time with their younger brothers and sisters growing up too.

The other Timmy Time toy we have is Timmy Time Dominoes:

Timmy Time Dominoes

Timmy Time Dominoes

Children can take turns playing dominoes, and the first one to place their Timmy Time dominoes down is the winner!

A great traditional game with a modern character twist, but the idea is the same, of playing together, taking turns and having a good time doing it.

Click here to check out our Timmy Time range.


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Shaun The Sheep Series 2 Toys

Hi all Shaun The Sheep fans, and there are in honesty loads of you out there, including me!

Brand New Shaun The Sheep Stock

Brand New Shaun The Sheep Stock

Shaun in 2009 was our most popular range, the Cry Baby Timmy’s where very popular, and we couldnt stock the beanie toys quick enough. Another very popular toy was the farmyard friends set, which was unfortunately stopped a while back, but good news as the new Series 2 range looks fantastic, and is about to go live on our shop.

There are new characters which I will post about soon in the Shaun The Sheep Toys category, and new toys arriving to us this week, and we can also look forward to adding to the new range in the summer.

To those who arent familiar with Shaun The Sheep, it is a stop-motion animated children’s television series produced by Aardman Animations. Shaun first appeared in Wallace & Gromit’s ‘Close Shave’ animated film. Shaun then had is own show on children’s TV in the UK, and so all the other characters began to appear.

Visit our Shaun The Sheep range to see what all the fuss is about.


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Toys – New Stock!

Good morning all, I want to introduce a range of toys called The Very Hungry Caterpillar that we have.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft Toy

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft Toy

The Very Hungry Caterpillar started life in 1969 as a character in books written by Eric Carle. The book has won so many awards its too much to list here. But basically the book has sold more that 30 million copies worldwide, which is about as many toys as we sold last year (cough! cough!).

In our store, we sell a good range of the hungry caterpillar, including a beanie toy, and large plush toy, and a brand new idea in a colour your own very hungry caterpillar toy.

We will at some stage offer the book with the soft toy, but if your a fan of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, then you will love the quality of these toys, and we can deliver these toys anywhere in the world.

Thanks again


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The Snowman – He’s not just for Christmas!

The Snowman Soft Toy is very much wanted at Xmas, then he’s redundant for the rest of the year. Or so we thought!

The Snowman Large & Beanie Soft Toy

The Snowman Soft Toy - He's not just for Christmas!

At Little Acorns Gifts & Collectables head quarters we recieved quite a few emails a long time before Chritsmas and in January, asking if we could get hold of him, or when he is back in stock.

Snowman Bean Toy

Snowman Bean Toy

The Snowman soft toy itself is such good quality, and he so soft to touch that you cant help not putting him down, so good news we now have the Large Snowman and the Beanie Snowman in stock all year round.

Large Cuddly Snowman

Large Cuddly Snowman

Visit this link to see him in the fur!


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Elmer is back in stock!

Hello all you Elmer fans. I’m happy to announce that our Elmer The Elephant range has been replenished.

Elmer The Elephant

Elmer The Elephant Soft Toy at Little Acorns Gifts

Elmer had a very busy Christmas with us, and we are so happy to have Elmer back.

The soft toy itself is very high quality and the perfect partner to the fantastic books written by David McKee.

Elmer is the story of an elephant who was different to all the other elephants because he was patchwork and therefore lots of colours. Elmer did not want to be different, he wanted to be elephant colour like all the other elephants.

elmer the patchwork elephant

So one day he hatches a fabulous plan. He rolls around in berry juice and becomes elephant colour and finally one of the crowd. However life as a grey elephant is a little boring for Elmer and he finds out it isn’t that bad being different at all.

The book ends with Elmer giving all the elephants the biggest surprise of all which makes them laugh “as they never had before“. They decide to honor him with a parade each year where they decorate themselves to become colourful like him.

The moral of the story is be happy with who you are.

We will post any news on Elmer in this category, and we really hope you can enjoy an Elmer toy too one day.

Elmer Toys –

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Where’s Nev gone?

Yes where has Nev from Bear Behaving Badly on CBBC gone!
Nev Talking Soft Toy


He’s still on TV, he’s very much wanted by children and adults, and he’s out of stock everywhere.

Basically they stopped making him late last year, which was a bit silly me thinks especially as Christmas was looming, but thats not for me to comment on really, as I don’t know what has happened to be honest.

But we pray that he will be made again, as he is very popular, a good seller, and in honesty it has upset me to read so many emails asking for Nev, as so many children love him and wanted him for Christmas.

So we will keep him on the site until we find out exactly what is going on, and once we do we will let all our customers know via email, and on our brand new Blog.

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Hello Little Acorns Visitors!

Welcome to Little Acorns Gifts & Collectables Blog. We hope all our customer will find this Blog useful in relation to our stock. Be it when new stock is arriving, when we will be re-stocked and unfortunately from time to time, when stock doesnt work, and we have to let it go.

I guess with that, the first thing to say is that we will be stocked up again soon after the Christmas period. These things can sometimes take a while whilst you look at new items, new stockists and waiting for stock to come in. But hopefully we will be up to date soon.

This is a family run business, and we have some very big companies out there to compete against, but we will try our best by offering a first class service through very quick communication, when we can next day delivery and cut price stock.

Thanks also to all our customers, and we hope you will tell others what a great company we are! (cough! cough!) 

Thank you for visiting.

Oh! And please link to us if you like our blog.

Amanda Elliott

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