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Little Acorns Gifts Customer Feedback…

Good evening all, as an online business we have been operating for just over 5 years, and every customer we have served over those years, we have asked for a little bit of feedback.

At first I felt I was asking too much, keeping on to our customers and I even felt that in some ways it would be negative to the business in asking.

But the feedback trickled in and everyone is posted on the website for everyone to see.

It was the feedback that we had from those customers that made it all the easier to keep on asking, not in some perverse way, but it was so nice to see that we had cheered, surprised and even helped a few of our customers, and how grateful they all where.

We have had feedback from countries all over the world, and I hope if your reading this and thinking of purchasing some of our stock, that if we ask you for feedback, you don’t mind spending 2-3 minutes posting some. 

The feedback is important not only to us, but it also shows that we are working very hard to make an impact on the web in a very competitive market, and any potential customer can see this, and have every confidence in us.

So thank you to those who have posted feedback, and I hope to see you visit our store again in the future.

Lots of love



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