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Stripy Horse Soft Toy – Perfect Book Companion!

Stripy Horse Soft Toy

Stripy Horse Soft Toy

Stripy Horse Soft Toy is a very famous character from books written by Jim Helmore and illustrated by Karen Wall. 

He is a firm favourite with school children, as we have sold a lot of these toys directly to teachers and have also sent bulk orders to schools around the UK.

The feedback we have had has been great, and it mostly involves the Stripy Horse toy helping the children build up the character when reading the brilliant books. 

Stripy Horse Soft Toy

Stripy Horse Soft Toy

He once again is a very high quality toy, and also very popular, as shown by us currently being out of stock of them but we are due a few boxes soon, and once we have we will let you all know straight away. We are also looking into making the book available from our store soon, and this will be a fantastic opportunity for moms to buy the book and the toy together for bed time reading with their young children. 

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Amanda Elliott

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