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Touchy feely – Customers like to see it in their hands.

Good afternoon all,

First of all I would like to apologise for the huge gap in our blog posts, we have been quite busy, and in honesty I think I suffered a bit of writers block. I try to make every post interesting, and just rambling on about nothing to do with Little Acorns is pointless.

But I wanted to share with you what we recently experienced, and is a key factor between big toy companies and little ones.

We had a little stall at our children’s school to raise funds for school projects, which went very well, and we sold quite a few toys, but more importantly we had some great feedback and made some new friends.

Anyway get to the point Amanda, we sold more toys that struggle online, and this took us back a bit.

The toys that have done well for us online went well, but the toys that we have struggled to sell went like crazy.

The toys I’m talking about, are the Waybuloo Picture Magnetic Board:

Waybuloo Magnetic Picture Build

Waybuloo Magnetic Picture Build


Peppa Pig Camping Theme Make and Play Card Playset:

Peppa Pig Camping Theme Make and Play Card Playset

Peppa Pig Camping Theme Make and Play Card Playset

The boxes these toys come in are very attractive, they are a perfect size for birthday presents, and they are reasonably priced. We in fact havent sold many of these at all online, and on that day we sold every one of them, and some mothers asked when we getting more in, so all in all it went well.

It’s a shame that we can’t demonstrate the toys better online, so that customers can see how nice they are,  and that is the advantage that shoppers have when they go to the high street.

Just thought I’d get that off my chest, and hopefully I will get back to posting more often.

Come on sun, where are you! Typical, as soon as summer holiday start, the weather turns for the worst.



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