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New Wallace & Gromit Toys

Good morning everyone, todays post is about our new Wallace & Gromit toys.

I will be honest and say that these soft toys are so well made, and they are so nice to look at too, they have plenty of personality and they are perfect for Wallace & Gromit fans.

I will first show you the Beanie toys, they are usually the most popular item and the Wallace & Gromit Beanies are no exception. The beanies are Gromit & Fluffles and brand new out this year.

Wallace & Fluffles beanie Toys

Wallace & Fluffles beanie Toys

To compliment the beanies, we have plush Gromit & Fluffles in a box, and these are so lovely they would look perfect even as toy furniture in a bedroom or tv room.

Wallace & Gromit - Plush Gromit In A Platform Box

Wallace & Gromit - Plush Gromit In A Platform Box


Wallace & Gromit -Plush Fluffles In A Platform Box

Wallace & Gromit -Plush Fluffles In A Platform Box

Well thats about it I suppose, I would get into who Wallace & Gromit are, but they have been around a long time now, and I’m sure the majority of us know about them so the pics above will be better than words me thinks.

Have a good day, lots of love Amanda

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Shaun The Sheep Series 2 Toys

Hi all Shaun The Sheep fans, and there are in honesty loads of you out there, including me!

Brand New Shaun The Sheep Stock

Brand New Shaun The Sheep Stock

Shaun in 2009 was our most popular range, the Cry Baby Timmy’s where very popular, and we couldnt stock the beanie toys quick enough. Another very popular toy was the farmyard friends set, which was unfortunately stopped a while back, but good news as the new Series 2 range looks fantastic, and is about to go live on our shop.

There are new characters which I will post about soon in the Shaun The Sheep Toys category, and new toys arriving to us this week, and we can also look forward to adding to the new range in the summer.

To those who arent familiar with Shaun The Sheep, it is a stop-motion animated children’s television series produced by Aardman Animations. Shaun first appeared in Wallace & Gromit’s ‘Close Shave’ animated film. Shaun then had is own show on children’s TV in the UK, and so all the other characters began to appear.

Visit our Shaun The Sheep range to see what all the fuss is about.


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Hello Little Acorns Visitors!

Welcome to Little Acorns Gifts & Collectables Blog. We hope all our customer will find this Blog useful in relation to our stock. Be it when new stock is arriving, when we will be re-stocked and unfortunately from time to time, when stock doesnt work, and we have to let it go.

I guess with that, the first thing to say is that we will be stocked up again soon after the Christmas period. These things can sometimes take a while whilst you look at new items, new stockists and waiting for stock to come in. But hopefully we will be up to date soon.

This is a family run business, and we have some very big companies out there to compete against, but we will try our best by offering a first class service through very quick communication, when we can next day delivery and cut price stock.

Thanks also to all our customers, and we hope you will tell others what a great company we are! (cough! cough!) 

Thank you for visiting.

Oh! And please link to us if you like our blog.

Amanda Elliott

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