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Shaun The Sheep Is Top Spot For March!

Little Acorns Top 5 Best Sellers

Little Acorns Top 5 Best Sellers

Hello all,

As I’m writing this I’m looking out and its pouring down with rain, and I have just heard on the news that this summer is going to be the best on record – Funny thing is they said the same last year, and I can remember we had one good week!

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in our “Top Five” for March, and the top five being the top five best sellers for us this month.

1. Shaun The Sheep
2. Elmer The Elephant
3. Wallace & Gromit
4. Mr Maker Making Kits
5. Waybuloo

The number one seller Shaun The Sheep, is no shock to us in honesty, as it fills that position nearly every month. We have a good customer base in the UK, and a very good customer base in Europe & America.

Elmer coming in second is due to our European customers, whilst Wallace & Gromit does well in the UK and America. Mr Maker seems to be a UK market toy for us, I actually don’t remember one Mr Maker toy being sent overseas, but as it’s a CBBC show, that would make sense really.

And last but not least is our brand new Waybuloo toys, as we have sold quite a few of the very nice wooden toys to customers in the UK and America.

I hope you found that a little interesting, as it was a quick blog entry really.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope we can all enjoy a nice summer this year with the children.



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